At the forefront of innovation is the landmark marketing agency Affilimaxpro which has announced the passing of a significant milestone in the companies corporate history. The agency has made through the first 70 days, and the companies founder, CEO, creative director, head of business development, finance manager, receptionist and office manager Noah Whitley is ready to share his epic journey towards this pivotal point. 

New website goes live

Not only did we launch the website and establish our social media presence but also published two articles on our blog. I definitely burnt the midnight oil with that project. Luckily I found a decent agency in Bangladesh to help with that. Now we’re up and running and ready to support the most influential firms in finance.

The grand opening of the office

After we finished kitting-out the office with the most elegant Swedish furniture, we held a super-exclusive launch event with just a handful of very important guests and close associates. My Aunt and Uncle said it was a raging success. I felt it was touch-and-go due to the late delivery from Ikea.

Establishing ourselves as a pioneer

You need to demand attention in this industry. You must make your position clear and deviate from the status quo. We are a digital-only marketing company. Everything we do is online. Period. Except for business cards, and brochures, obviously. 

Learning when to say no

You can’t be afraid to turn down work if it goes against your vision. You can’t help a client who doesn’t want to be helped. A big test for me was receiving a job offer with a generous package. That said, I am confident that soon enough, I will get a client willing to pay me as much. 

Almost got our first client

We’ve almost got our first client signed up. I sent a bunch of emails to ceo@ and just put any companies domain name after that. This way, you get your message straight to the CEO of any company. I already got a response saying “maybe later, thx”. It’s very encouraging to receive interest from Fortune 500 companies. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so I’ll keep firing off my emails.


Jasper Saint-George, or simply Jasp, is a bombastic socialite with a personality that could be best described as an acquired taste. Jasp has had a taste of everything from the world of finance. The open outcry pits in Chicago, colossal Bitcoin mining farms of China, illicit lead generation firms of Tel-Aviv, perilous gold mines of South Africa and interrogation rooms of the SEC in New York. This experience makes him well versed in creating unreal stories.