Retail forex brokerage giant Wow Super Trade has recently announced in a quarterly Corporate Social Responsibility update that the firm has made shockwaves in the global fight against COVID-19. 

According to the statement, the firm has donated face masks to dozens of clients across Asia. While the initiative was noble, we found it peculiar that one of the biggest in the business had only a handful of clients in areas hit by the pandemic. Our tenacious investigative journalists probed this topic.

After some fact-checking, it turned out the company was dispensing facemasks to clients who met certain conditions. Traders who deposited $20,000 were eligible for a surgical-style face mask, whereas clients who deposited more than $100,000 qualified for a highly coveted N95 mask. 

Another huge blow to this gesture was that clients who received facemasks we’re no longer eligible for the 500% deposit boost-bonus. 

Critics called out Wow Super Trade on the initiative, claiming it was nothing more than a bonus scheme to drive deposits and nothing close to being charitable. 

Often misinterpreted David Cheeseburger, CEO of Wow Super Trade responded to his critics with the following statement; “We take CSR very seriously. Naturally, we want to protect our most valuable clients. I couldn’t be prouder of my team for the way they use social responsibility to protect our corporation.”


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